Did you know Australia is the third most popular destination among international students in the world behind only the United Kingdom and the United States despite having a population of only 24 million approximately ?

This will not surprise you when you consider Australia has seven of the top 100 universities in the world! In fact, with over 22,000 courses across 1,100 institutions, Australia sits above the likes of Germany, the Netherlands and Japan, ranking eighth in the Universities 2012 U21 Ranking of National Higher Education Systems. And the trend of increasing number of international students is highest than any other countries.

Australia has five of the 30 best cities in the world for students based on student mix, affordability, quality of life, and employer activity.

✔ Business and Accounting
✔ Information Technology
✔ Nursing
✔ Engineering
✔ Health Science
✔ Natural Science
✔ Social Science and Service

According to Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) there are 10 study levels:

✔ Vocational Education and Training Sector (Level 1 – 6)
✔ Higher Education Undergraduate (Level 7)
✔ Higher Education Postgraduate (Level 8)
✔ Research Degree (Level 9)
✔ Doctorate Degree (Level 10)

English language requirements vary from course to course and institutions to institutions.
However the minimum English language requirements for Vocational Education and Training sector is overall 5.5* in IELTS or equivalent score in any other English language tests, overall 6.0* for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.
Similarly the English language requirements for different level is defined by the Department of Home Affairs as well.

Minimum academic entry requirement:
✔ CGPA 2.4 or above for VET Programs
✔ 2.6 or above for Higher Education.

Vocational Education and Training sector provide courses like:
✔ Certificate level
✔ Diploma
✔ Advanced Diploma

✔ Duration 1 – 2 Years
✔ Affordable tuition fees
✔ Small size
✔ IELTS 6.0 (5.5) and Academic requirement 2.4 Minimum.

✔ VET programs lead to university degrees and can be packaged with Bachelor degrees.

Higher Education – Undergraduate
✔ Degree level : Bachelor
✔ Duration 3-4 years
✔ Available in Private colleges and in Universities

✔ Tuition fees: AU$ 15,000 and above
✔ English language requirements: MIn. 6.0* (5.5)
✔ Academic requirements: CGPA 2.6 above

Higher Education – Postgraduate
✔ Degree level: Master
✔ Duration 1-2 years
✔ Available in private college and in universities

✔ Tuition fees: AU$ 20,000 or above
✔ English language requirement: Min. 6.0* (5.5)
✔ Academic requirements) Min. 50% in Bachelor

All the applicants need student visa to study in Australia.

Required documents or process for visa application:

✔ Identity document/s
✔ Health insurance
✔ Statement of purpose
✔ Academic transcripts
✔ Relationship evidences
✔ Financial documents
✔ Medical
✔ Biometrics

✔ Student must meet the Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement. Read more about this on the Department of Home Affairs.

Visit website for more information: Department of Home Affairs, Australia

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Student, BE, Macquarie University

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