Japan is one of the convenient and preferred study destination for the international students who wants to explore the holistic aproach of education. As Japan focus on the “state of the art” education technology.  Japan’s literacy rate is at around 99%, according to OECD’s PISA program.

According to studyinjapan.go, about 220,000 international students from more than 170 countries and regions of the world are studying at higher educational institutions in Japan. These students can broaden their horizons through exposure to Japanese as well as diverse cultures of the world. Japan is a tolerant country where freedom of religion and thought is guaranteed by the constitution.


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Students can get enrollment to:

  1. Language Academy
  2. Junior College Level
  3. University Level

International students mostly get enrollment to language programs at first and the duration of the language will be 12 months to 15 months normally. The duration of this accademic program can go up to 2 years as well. The types of these language schools are:

  1. Senshu Gakko (Specialized Training School)
  2. Senmon Gakko (Vocational colleges)


TOP Reasons to Study in JAPAN:

  • High standard of education
  • Affordable tuition fees
  • Scholarships
  • Employment opportunities
  • Safe & Secure study environment
  • Secured and specialized medical facility
  • Learning Japanes language
  • Holistic approach of education
  • Explore of Japanes life-style


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