Financial Documents Checklist

  1. Relationship certificate among applicant and sponsors
  • ­čö╣Citizenship/birth certificate of applicant
  • ­čö╣Citizenship of each sponsors


  1. Ongoing annual income evidences
  • ­čö╣Income verification letter from Ward, VDC or Municipality office
  • ­čö╣Evidences of income sources
  • Salary
  • ­čö╣Salary letter or employment letter
  • ­čö╣Payslips/Salary account statement
  • Pension
  • ­čö╣Pension authority book
  • ­čö╣Pension account statement
  • Business
  • ­čö╣Business registration certificate (Company, PAN, VAT)
  • ­čö╣Audit report
  • ­čö╣Business account statement (If applicable)
  • ­čö╣Partnership deed or share details letter (If business partnership)
  • Rental/lease
  • ­čö╣Rental or lease agreement
  • ­čö╣Citizenship of lessee
  • ­čö╣Property ownership certificate
  • Agriculture
  • ­čö╣Agriculture income verification from local authority
  • ­čö╣Property ownership certificate
  • ­čö╣Evidence of agricultural products sale deed (If applicable)
  • Foreign Income
  • ­čö╣Passport and Visa copy
  • ­čö╣Salary letter/payslips/bank statement
  • ­čö╣Evidence of remittance
  1. Tax clearance certificate
  • ­čö╣Tax clearance of property and land
  • ­čö╣Tax clearance of income (Recommended)


  1. Evidence of fund
  • Education loan
  • ­čö╣Loan approval letter
  • ­čö╣Mortgage deed letter
  • ­čö╣Property valuation report
  • ­čö╣Property ownership certificate
  • Saving balance
  • ­čö╣Bank statement
  • ­čö╣Balance certificate

–┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á ­čö╣Funds must be 3 months mature


  • ­čö╣Evidence of source of fund (If any lump sum deposit)

(If property sale: Property ownership transfer deed, Tax payment receipt, citizenship of buyer (Recommended), copy of payment cheque etc)

  1. ­čö╣Address verification letter (If applicable)
  2. ­čö╣Dual name or surname verification letter (If applicable)
  3. ­čö╣Property valuation report and ownership certificate
  4. ­čö╣Sponsorship letter from all sponsors
  5. ­čö╣All pages of passport
  6. ­čö╣Statement of purpose


If applying as Student Dependent


  1. ­čö╣All pages of passport of his/her spouse
  2. ­čö╣Marriage registration certificate
  3. ­čö╣Marriage & additional photographs
  4. ­čö╣Other documents of spouse**



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